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Below is some imformation and links to preform routine tasks associated with your policy.

Request Certificate Of Business Insurance

Request Auto Insurance ID Cards

Insurance Claims Phone Numbers/Links

Request a Call Back

Send Proof of insurance to my Mortgage Company

Send Proof of Insurance to my Auto Loan Company

Send Proof of Insurance to my Landlord

How do I cancel my policy? - Policy must be returned to the Buhl Insurance agency with a written request to cancel the policy. If you have lost the policy, a lost policy cancellation request can be obtained and used to cancel the policy.

How do I make changes on my policy? - For changes like adding or deleting drivers, or changing coverages, the best way is to contact our staff for instructions and confirmation. If you are deleting coverage or drivers, you will be required to sign a written request that can be faxed or emailed to our office.

How do I change the mailing addres on my policy? - If it simply a change of s mailing address, an email, letter, phone call or fax will do the job. Remember to give us your telephone number if it has changed. If the new address is a new location for your Renters Insurance Policy or a new location for your business, you need to call our staff for assistance.


Coverages cannot be bound, extended or changed without confirmation in writing from an employee of the Buhl Insurance Agency

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