Did you know that you may be eligible for preferred flood rates? Depending on where your home is located; you may be eligible to receive the following special flood package rates.

  Building/Contents Rate
  $20,000/8,000 $167.00
  $30,000/12,000 $203.00
  $50,000/20,000 $262.00
  $75,000/30,000 $311.00
  $100,000/40,000 $342.00
  $125,000/50,000 $359.00
  $150,000/60,000 $380.00
  $200,000/80,000 $421.00
  $250,000/100,000 $452.00
  $1000 Deductible Applies  

Coverage is also available for your business.

If you are interested in finding out if your home is located in an area that is eligible for these special rates; Please feel free to contact one of our staff at 813-876-0057.


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